Left Brain

This is where I will display my more analytical work. All of my tellabouts and old papers will be here.

If you’re like, “what’s a tellabout?” then I’ll tell you!

Basically, I hate “reviews.” Mostly I hate when people say they’re going to “review” something and it ends up going like this: “Well, I just got this yesterday and I haven’t used it but it seems like it will last” or “here is me reading all of the specs and features verbatim” or “give me attention to justify my expensive purchase.” Thus, I’ve decided to do “tellabouts,” where I tell you about something. I’m not going to read specs off; chances are if someone’s interested in a product, they’ve done some research. I hate regurgitation, it reminds me of college. Tellabouts will only be done on equipment I’ve had for a decent amount of time, are current at the time of posting, and have been beaten up. By me. Outside. In real places.

Also, I am not affiliated with any manufacturers. Tellabouts are my own objective opinions. Alliteration.